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It's True for Some

It's True for Some Even the laugh is less creepyBy:2 mns ago Do you know what is this?By:8 mns ago Anon doesn't know how to proxyBy:12 mns ago the raises your creativityBy:17 mns ago Adam and Eve vs EvolutionBy:17 mns ago He Can Became A Good LawyerBy:23 mns ago

We've been told lies our whole life

We've been told lies our whole life With the amount of "stop, drop, and roll" education I received growing up, Ikinda thought catching on fire would be a more common problem as anadult.I thought I was gonna be offered a cigarette a lot more than I have been.

Ben Kuchera is a douche

Ben Kuchera is a douche Pewdiepie versus the media: Why hen so mad to be losing the fight ".How the most popular in the world lost the ability to play the victimby Ben Kuchens l Feb 15, 2017, 2: ESTSay helm to the most " the planet I 'TRENDINGPewdiepie, er Felix Amid Ulf Kjellberg, is likely one of the most powerful individualsin gaming.

Anon asks for extra tartar sauce

Anon asks for extra tartar sauce mo to Long John Silvers drive thruborder foodbash for extra tartar sauceabitch hands me like 2 packetsdemand moresorry sir, we are only allowed to give out so many.If you want more we wouldhave to charge you for it"tthink about brandishing my pistolmy mind and ask for a cup of water (free)mull around and parkmuzzle waterMaire empty water cup insideWilli it with tartar sauce from the pumpDon' t fuck with me Long Johns