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Robot gets a job

Robot gets a job Anonymous l 26213027 34 min.ago canffirst day of work at first job evereat fast food restaurantsit' s supposedly training sessionstoria actually get taught anythingput me at the cash registerorders somethingttry to find it on the screen194.

anon meets a /pol/ fag for the first time

anon meets a /pol/ fag for the first time 6 min.ago onrebe blackaboard busrawhide guy is talking to his friend really loudlyllook at himshe noticesWHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU AT"r-" I' M SICK OF PEOPLE STARING AT N/ IE LIKE I' M193.

FJNN Daily News 7-16-2k17

FJNN Daily News 7-16-2k17 6 billion requested by the Office of Management and Budget to begin construction on a southern border wall.The Iowa Republican, however, wants to more than triple taxpayer dollars spent on the wall.

Anon's mom is an SJW

Anon's mom is an SJW Anonymous l 141145996 16 min siden ansbe mesin car with mumstalking about random shitstalk about how i would like to punchsome stacy in the faceto hit womenWhy"83, 2 kg PNG rogues on rant about how domesticviolence against women is a bigprobleml read something that said it wasmum yells about how that issomething men made up to be victimssthe car ride is silent from then onsmfw ive been betrayed by my mumWhat are some of your spyexperiences /b/?

I'm sooooo scared

I'm sooooo scared doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different 19 hrs agoLife isn't going too well 15 hrs agoMore trash to help postpone your existential crisis 15 hrs agokeeping updated on the fight of the century 23 hrs agoSecret Anti terrorist Weapon 22 hrs agoART by Thomas Romain & Sons 20 hrs agoI Don't believe in Instant Karma.19 hrs agoThursday's Cute Things - 31/8/2017 14 hrs agoThe irony of being a white BLM member 18 hrs ago

Can't fit it in

Can't fit it in Dr.Jordan Peterson Reacts to Being banned from YouTube by Google 13 mns agoSo Ubisoft has a new logo 17 mns agoHave you tried google translate?