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The Day MAGA Begins

We at the Kremlin would like to thank you for your susceptibility to the mind hacking technology we utilized to get our long standing sleeper agent into your White House.It was not easy hacking Clinton's mind to ensure she forgot about campaigning in the rust belt, but we succeeded.

/POL/ICE conduct massive raids

/POL/ICE conduct massive raids File: ( 69 KB, 618x680)Honor.u:?

10/10 would marry

10/10 would marry How do you do fellow kids 23 hrs ago'Why I faked being Black' 22 hrs agohow to open any locked door 18 hrs agoCalifornia Begs Trump for Help 18 hrs agoCunning Imouto Leads You Into a Trap 23 hrs agoAffirmative Action at Google 18 hrs agoThe Monster Under the Bed - 115 22 hrs ago

I'm From the Future...

I'm From the Future... Board V Settings Homei Anonymous UL): m EI' m from the future and you (.)01/ 28/ 17( Sat) 17: 48: 04 No.