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/POL/ICE conduct massive raids

/POL/ICE conduct massive raids File: ( 69 KB, 618x680)Honor.u:?

10/10 would marry

10/10 would marry How do you do fellow kids 23 hrs ago'Why I faked being Black' 22 hrs agohow to open any locked door 18 hrs agoCalifornia Begs Trump for Help 18 hrs agoCunning Imouto Leads You Into a Trap 23 hrs agoAffirmative Action at Google 18 hrs agoThe Monster Under the Bed - 115 22 hrs ago

I'm From the Future...

I'm From the Future... Board V Settings Homei Anonymous UL): m EI' m from the future and you (.)01/ 28/ 17( Sat) 17: 48: 04 No.

Anon goes to the Gas Station

Anon goes to the Gas Station File: Egbyig (433 KB, )ago to local gas station to get teddiessweating MAGA hat berm: in": not scared of SHEEITawe , see three " yr old girls buying gas in front of me.acne of them is obviously a hippie dude weed lmaoivisible shifts away from meaway finish their purchase, and I do the sameltr as walking to my can dude weed lmao girl shouts across the parking lot "FUCK YOU, BERNIE SANDERS 201?

4Chan captured the flag

4Chan captured the flag I'.tats".

/pol/ memes part 5

Your browser does not support the video tag.And doesn't this look familiar Original white and blue letters Original white with gold letters Original red with white letters Based camo with orange letters Based green with gold letters and four leaf clover Shitty black with white letters Shitty white with black letters Mention History

Immigration is a privilege, not a right.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Our beloved Chancellor meets trump for the first time and gets a taste of freedom.>"Immigration is a privilege, not a right.

Tweets from Berkely - Antifa VS MAGA

Tweets from Berkely - Antifa VS MAGA Tennessee‏ /user/ten_GOP 10h10 hours ago Antifa terrorists threw a smoke bomb and didn't realize the wind was going their way.Probably the best thing that happened today😆 #Berkeley David [email protected] 15, 2017 The day Nationalists won the streets of #Berkeley and the Left, and their #antifaterrorists thugs, lost the culture war.