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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review It would be so much easier to be cynical about a fifth Uncharted game arriving barely a year after the fourth Uncharted game if Naughty Dog didn't keep doing such a good job of making these things.There's also the raw business reality that these games sell a lot of copies, so here we are 16 months later with the jaunty, budget-priced spinoff Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Wish Me Luck- 90 down 10 to go!

Wish Me Luck- 90 down 10 to go! After growing up as a fat child raised by fat parents it was excruciatingly rough re-learning an entire lifetime of bad habits.It wasn't my looks that started this though, it was the stairs up to my dorm room.

Batshit Crazy Fan Art by John Nugroho

Batshit Crazy  Fan Art by John Nugroho Becoming a JoJo fan in a nutshell 5 mns agoWe've had one hurricane yes,but what about second hurricane 7 mns agoWhat's going on inside their Headroom 9 mns agoHe wants to sing you a song.11 mns agoFreeman's Mind 2: Episode 4 26 mns ago"A simple no would have sufficed, sir" 38 mns ago

Dog gets two new legs after losing them in a sword attack

From Youtube description: A dog who lost its legs after a near fatal sword attack in Bangkok was given a second chance to walk again, after an animal shelter implanted a pair of prosthetic legs on the canine.Cola was nine months old when his two front legs were hacked off in an attack by a neighbor who found the dog chewing on a pair of shoes.