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Lost Sea Review - Xbox One

Lost Sea Review - Xbox One Set in the perilous environment of the Bermuda Triangle, Lost Sea sends your random character exploring randomly generated islands in search of a random mysterious portal which will hopefully take you home.There is a lot of randomness in Lost Sea but that is what makes it what it is.

Mapr Rupto Myowan Lampiexca

Mapr Rupto Myowan Lampiexca Black Tweets Comp BLM Edition135423 hrs ago There's no way that's a real pas-oh97220 hrs ago "White skin was never specified.Rowling loves black Hermione.

Top 5 Story Driven Adventure Games

Top 5 Story Driven Adventure Games There are thousands of games out there and they span across all genres.They can be games that you pick up and play quickly, or you can get lost in them for hours, discovering lost secrets and hidden treasures.

Kingdoms of the Lost: Fall Festival Time

Kingdoms of the Lost is celebrating fall with a pair of festivals running in parallel with one another.KotL is all about old-school gaming.

Liek Unfrend me if u suppoort DRUMPF

Liek Unfrend me if u suppoort DRUMPF Siverded Diglakak Solospe 23 hrs agoDutch Dank Stank Comp: 1# 21 hrs agoIts about sending a message 22 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers 318-322 21 hrs agoThe European Counter-Summit 22 hrs agoTHIS IS THE LAST OF MY HAMON 22 hrs agoRegional differences in crime 17 hrs agoSecret Service Agent's Decoy Hands 13 hrs agoForbidden levels of forbidden love.21 hrs agoPick on someone your own size 16 hrs agoAre the Krauts asking for a WHOOPING?