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The chink in their armor

The chink in their armor Libra " [pg A [19 KB, 376x396) goosie yandex Lag EAnonymous (IO: 18 minutes ago No.u)site in asian countryevery day dreamo about go to america to study at best universities in wardsstuff so hard, marry get acceptedmain universityI stink about how i can make dis wand better, baird ting s, some probremsstome for finerI ego to library to study5 spuddenly group of bakers-.

/k/ gets a shotgun

/k/ gets a shotgun I' m newguys, and I bought this Meelee 10 yesterday for 315, and took ittrap shooting an hour later.Leave this thing, and it helps that I have aknack fer trap sheeting.