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Ken M on the Homeless

Ken M on the Homeless Homeless Man' s Honest Deed Rewarded withDonation, and CountingBy William l Yahoo!Contributor Network - Thu, Feb 21, 2013use " ii armthan -hes' sheltertach/ P 1lall Food , whatdidido mean assayingthat is '|: knowing' it?

Ken M on Drones

Ken M on Drones Drone helping mission to ship fuel to Alaska townhe By MARY PEMBERTON I Associated Press - 7 hrs agoinstead mowing wee tip, this we guy decided to be helper) honetly wemow the example set bath's plucky we heroDaniel I Mansfield, Ethic: I "slit Humans control the you Edict

Ken M on Circumcision

Ken M on Circumcision San Francisco may vote on banning malecircumcisionVideo: Charita tnHealth Care advisory BeardFOX HewsCcomment from Ken MKen M 1 hour ageCollapse Repliesf Erhere 872itifoi, 12 Ill Email in PrintBy Gabrielle Seven -Ffed Apr 27, till pm ETSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -A group opposed to male circumcisionsaid on have collected more than enough signatures toquality a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a balletmeasure tor ) veet) er elections.Making circumcision illegal will only create a clangorous and unregulated black: market.

Ken M on Chimps

Ken M on Chimps Chimps That Attacked Texas Student wereAlihHen M 4 1 day 22 hours ago I Remove 6 f.,not a sunrise cause the animals have nothing to look forward to - our church group used toread the scriptures to the monkeys in our local zoo before they put a rule against it1 hours ago I Report Abuse 4} / isp 4}Ken M.

Ken M on Sexual Climax

Ken M on Sexual Climax I Give "Happy Ending" Massages To BobmenFor A LivingYour TangoApril 13, 2015if mu need to rely on physical to achieve sexual climax, yau' rar doingsamething mung.I hope youve not married, cause your Mia would be this ; first twat mar.

Ken M on Hitler's Watercoloring

Ken M on Hitler's Watercoloring Trash fuels the raccoon invasion 16 hrs agoJust feminists being hypocrites 03/31/2017Not so inspiring after all 22 hrs agoTimomsi Gaigratomo Zoreiva 21 hrs agoIt's escalated to a certain point 20 hrs agoRobot experiences the gay handshake 19 hrs agoMorbid classic: sand paper floor.22 hrs agoTracer Cosplay - Meg Turney 18 hrs agoA message from The_Donald 18 hrs ago

Ken M on Diapers

Ken M on Diapers When cousin's friend got drunk 7 mns agoThe pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!13 mns agoI hate this because it's not about ME 16 mns ago/v/tard's sister plays Skyrim 18 mns agoGet someone that can do both 22 mns agoMFW I start my job at the Library 29 mns agoWhen the Teacher says find a partner 34 mns agoFirst time Vs Twentieth time 35 mns ago