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/pol/ Is Free From Jewish Mind Control

/pol/ Is Free From Jewish Mind Control dadpartydebating liberalhi explain why i believe thewhite race will go extinctseen6 KB JPG Fee what?there is white race, justthe human race.

/pop/ack looks back on his presidentcy

/pop/ack looks back on his presidentcy be meis be 2045Donald Trump is GalacticEmperoris America is Great Again338 KB PNG > the World is Great Againin the whole galaxy is GreatAgainone regret in life: never met the GodEmperor in persona dedicate next five years to secret projectfinally build a time machinego back to 2005, before God Emperor istoo busy to see mewe meeta I tell him I love his plans for Americaa he has no idea not I' m talking abouta I tell him eberythingis the fake warsa Bush is a cocke Obama' s birth Certificate is a fakeHillary was going to sell our country tothe Saudishe just listensis finally says, "you' re right, I' ll do it"is that' s when I realizea I Made America Great AgainMFW

/pol/ack talks to Mormons

/pol/ack talks to Mormons local Mormons,missionaries agree to talk.mine of them starts crying tears of joytalking about being filled with the spirit.

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan File ( uing (108 KB, 960x720)I Japanese men too busy fugging their body pillows than qt Jap girls.Here is mygame plan {pollto Japanthe women there don' t want to a dirty foreigner (respectable)my eyes back so I blend inpnga qt Japanese girlher on a couple of datesrile "to clubs and be taller than the bouncerswet atmy western willy inside herwants to introduce me to her parentsthem I' m the CEO of Animelove meMuarry qtchildren with herkids are half Englishis confusedher of cheatingherfind another qtRinse and repeatJapan with rings elf

Anon seeks his ancestry

Anon seeks his ancestry E Anonymoused/ 26/ 1 7( : 37: 55 No.36571743sly?

Anon gears up for academic suicide

Anon gears up for academic suicide MI File: 147036_ 25616, igg (24 KB,Anonymous ( [Reply] F :page paper one tomorrowstartedpage paper one fridayblatent startedtomorrowihavent chosen a topicteenier exams start tomorrowihavent studiedcheeting with deans on monday about "conduct violations"aabout to get suspended anywayhow fucked am i'?E replies omitted.

anon fucks with his teacher

anon fucks with his teacher Kaj feuding (67 KB, ) gewgle rue:gradeteacher straight out of indasuecide to fuck with hersshe asks for e' raer;.rene' s namewhat is your name?

/pol/ack wonders where it went so wrong

/pol/ack wonders where it went so wrong Trump is on the moireepeople are starting to take being transgender as a serious thingscrump winsatonally things will change for the bettersit gets worsecomes.

Anon comes up with a idea for the fight against ISIS

Anon comes up with a idea for the fight against ISIS 5 Anonymous (ID: ) PIWhy don' t we weaponize pig ship.)jpg13 KB JPGSo I heard today that 3 ISIS militants were killed and 5more were injured by wild boars, and heard somecomments about how due to their beliefs, they' re goingstraight to hell because they were killed by a swine whichis considered unclean.

/pol/'s retarded son

/pol/'s retarded son 3 Anonymous on i) W, 04/ 26/ 17( Wed) 23: 58: 16 No.123007494 _23007787 2300791 5File: 1491785836082.

/pol/ explains a picture

/pol/ explains a picture Y.CCItpgit?

Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry File: ( 11 KB, 206x318)delayers are investigating an ancient.abandoned castleside: "So yeti step into this banquet hall.

/v/irgin posts a fact

/v/irgin posts a fact ipg (87 KB, 600x900)Cl FIT: objective facts Anonymous (Witt/ ( Thu) 21:.397Persona 5 is objectively one of the of all time-Li Anonymous (( Thu).