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justice isn't fair

justice isn't fair How you know you're at the right party 23 hrs agoONE thing that would disqualify a girl from becoming a GF 20 hrs agoFJEvent planning: Wholesome Twitch raid 23 hrs agoBlack Twitter Compilation #89 14 hrs agoNintendo knows exactly what they're doing~ 18 hrs agoWe must fight a common enemy 17 hrs agoHow To Deal With Your Enemies 23 hrs agoDrift so powerful it left the webm silent 18 hrs ago

people dying justice edition

people dying justice edition people dying justice edition Suspect opens fire upon police after car chase, gets fired upon Your browser does not support the video tag.Suspect opens fire upon police after car chase, gets fired upon Hostage situation is dealt with via sniper in Denver Suicide bomber blow up only himself Man runs at police with knife, gets turned into swiss cheese 2 thieves attempt to rob a store, one takes 2 to the face In an attempt to steal a car, a thief is run over and killed Bank robber attempts to draw his gun after being run off the road, is then gunned down May be loudA terrorist sniper is blown off of the roof 2 men try to rob a gas station, didn't count on a guy who brought a gun Robber dies in a hail of bullets; fire extinguisher and bag of chips are collateral damage


FRENCH ALGERIAN MOTHER FUCKERS! Social justice warriors outraged over ‘whitewoman’ east.:.

Social Justice Killed Comics

Social Justice Killed Comics Ilavney Ommudeivi Adryigrok 8 mns agoBlatant Movie Misquotes 2/?11 mns agoThis makes me uncomfortable 13 mns agoThe Bridge on the River Trash 32 mns agoKemono friends comp(ilation) 39 mns agoto make up for the last one 42 mns agoAnd he's off, like a herd of turtles 43 mns ago