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Social skills off the charts

Social skills off the charts I hate buying things in a package of 3 3 mns agoThe Official Jojo Comp Series #17 4 mns agoFat Shaming Friday 2: Eletric Boogaloo 9 mns agoJust show it to a lesbian 11 mns agoXieduby Rattetur Vesurruise 15 mns agoto be honest that's a lot of images 18 mns agoHow did this fly under my radar 20 mns agoDemabe Myepasigui Wolaped 25 mns agoCute Stuff (Kamikaze Edition) 26 mns agoRoses are red, prisons have bars.35 mns agoAbout Fate/Extra Last Encore having a fem mc.

FJNN Daily News 7-20-2017

FJNN Daily News 7-20-2017 Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona has been diagnosed with brain cancer after checking into a hospital for a blood clot near his left eye.The tumor was discovered at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix last Friday.

Anon's Plan to Get a Girl

Anon's Plan to Get a Girl The girl I' m in love with works ate Jimmy John' s, and ithink I' finally found a plan to make her installed a spy program on the computer at her JimmyJohnsbl now have all of the schedules of each employee, andaccess to the info about each delivery orderkind of sandwich, where it' s going, who' s delivering it, etchave a reasonable sized vantsl bought a Jimmy John' s uniform, all of the sandwich supplies I need,chips, and packaging for all this shit to make it seem officialI see an order pop up that will be delivered by my girl Imake the sandwich on my own, and rush it to the person who orderedit before the gets thereEevery time my girl delivers a sandwich she' ll be greeted by a happycustomer who already has their foodsshe won' t believe it, it' s impossible for something like this to happenseach successive house already has a sandwich in itsthis will continue for several weeks, each day she grows crazier andcraziermine day she' ll inevitably start crying on the side of the road once shesees yet another already delivered orderwho' s waiting there to console heralts meskive her a shoulder to cry on, say I' ll find what' s at the bottom of thismysteryone mysterious sandwiches will stop, and she' ll fall in love with mewill make sweet sandwich love every nightswe' ll pound like pickleself she says she' s going to leave me, my sandwiches will start comingbackmental health will literally be dependent on being in arelationship with meNathan this plan is literally foolproofStarting my plan tomorrow, wish me luck

Daily News: 8/20/17

Daily News: 8/20/17 The CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX joined 116 specialists from 26 countries warned in a letter that the use of autonomous weapons could usher in the "" The Guardian reported Sunday.The UN recently voted to begin formal discussions on such weapons, including drones, tanks and automated machine guns.

Are we equal in autism?

Are we equal in autism? John Placard F Lets ArgueI don' t see how you can believe in Evolutionand think the races are equal.A Like I Comment00 if You, Barb Spurlock and 13 othersView previous comments 2 of soBlair You clearly don' t know how evolution works.

FJ, Are women becoming obsolete?

FJ, Are women becoming obsolete? anyone know how to fix this in h1z1 10 mns agoMy Little Adventure Party Academia 16 mns agoBat gets into Irish Kitchen, hilarious commentary ensues 18 mns agoYou wont eat Pork after watching this!19 mns agoCanibus interviewed by D-Ex on PhatClips (1998) 28 mns agoreference for later, move along 35 mns agoHelp stop maid abuse with a like 48 mns ago

Batshit Crazy Fan Art by John Nugroho

Batshit Crazy  Fan Art by John Nugroho Becoming a JoJo fan in a nutshell 5 mns agoWe've had one hurricane yes,but what about second hurricane 7 mns agoWhat's going on inside their Headroom 9 mns agoHe wants to sing you a song.11 mns agoFreeman's Mind 2: Episode 4 26 mns ago"A simple no would have sufficed, sir" 38 mns ago