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Earn Six Figures Fighting Alien Contamination for NASA

Earn Six Figures Fighting Alien Contamination for NASA For NASA’s newest planetary protection officer, it means defending the planet from alien contamination.The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a job opening for “planetary protection officer” (PPO)—a six-figure gig that requires frequent travel and a secret security clearance.

Anon gets a job at the Swedish mansplaining hotline

Anon gets a job at the Swedish mansplaining hotline ill eweSwedish women get hotline to reportis when ‘a man e: ~'.somethingg ' she , more about than him‘Feminists literally fucked up countries such as Ewe-: len and sunbathers.

So when do I start?

So when do I start? i am constantly offended by facts, and only myfeelings matter.I will not be sending the traditional resume as i believe it is a sexist/ racists exam meet wrong westervalues.

What's your 5 year plan?

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You had ONE job

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Getting around (building codes)

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