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11 Robots That Are Going to Steal Your Jobs, Man

11 Robots That Are Going to Steal Your Jobs, Man Thor Kensen, back with all that hot listicle action that you crave so badly.That’d be the fact that some stupid, clanking robo-jerk is inevitably going to come in and snag your job from me.

he played the game

he played the game henry from awakening but it his eyes are revealed 4 mns agoTransgender realized he ruined his entire life 8 mns agoCaptain America is a tranny 15 mns agoAnyone Want to Play?A Pathfinder Game With Two Openings 19 mns agoStill on DualShock-styled Joysticks 20 mns agoA Healthy Sibling Relationship 27 mns agomelodramatic thous name is you.

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu

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Anon proves brain damage

Anon proves brain damage 5 AnonymousThat feel when Permanent hrafn(.)So for the past 2 years my doctorsdid a GREAT job and now that theL'.