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The Last Guardian Demo Reports Are Not Glowing

Patrick Garratt, a video game journalist for online publication VG 24/7, was one of four press members that were allowed to play a hands-on demo of The Last Guardian at E3.Unfortunately, Garratt indicated that The Last Guardian‘s poor visuals were only the start of his issues with the demo.

New The Last Guardian Screenshots Soar to New Heights

New The Last Guardian Screenshots Soar to New Heights With that being the case, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Team Ico recently took to PlayStation’s official Facebook account to unveil brand new screenshots for The Last Guardian, showing the unnamed young male protagonist and giant griffin-like creature Trico in several different environments in the game.As found in the new The Last Guardian stills below, Trico and the young boy are exploring a variety of areas, with some being familiar, and others remaining unseen until just now.