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Facts I found interesting about Pokemon

Facts I found interesting about Pokemon ”#17 Some of Wobbuffet’s Pokédex entries:“To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness.”“Usually docile, a Wobbuffet strikes back ferociously if its black tail is attacked.

A libgirls denial story (muahahaoflore)

A libgirls denial story (muahahaoflore) >I have a selfie with Hillary and went to law school in the Midwest so I know how the media rigs elections>Jackie, put down the red wine bottle and step away>Look around Jackie I'm holding iceberg chunks Evn tho they are probably ********, Jackie has some cool friends, they seem like nice people to hang out with.Jackie gonna be fine.

All the Oscar-nominated films you can stream before Sunday

All the Oscar-nominated films you can stream before Sunday Here's a look at all the Oscar-nominated films you can enjoy from the comfort of home, ordered by number of nominations.Where you can watch it: iTunes, Amazon or Vudu.

Stars and their doubles

Stars and their doubles Who looks at the titles anyway 19 hrs agoThat awkward moment when!18 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #31 18 hrs agoRaccoons stealing your memes 15 hrs agoa weapon to surpass metal gear 20 hrs ago/pol/ reacts to the death of David Rockefeller 17 hrs agoDavid Rockefeller dies aged 101 20 hrs agofor the emperor, kill the heretics 15 hrs agoRobot remembers the good ole days 17 hrs agoIf Link Were Riased as a Gerudo 17 hrs ago/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard 18 hrs agoMigrants and far-left attack police in Paris 17 hrs ago

God bless Jackie Chan

God bless Jackie Chan CULTURE WECharlottesville ANTIFAMember Who Put A Veteran In HospitalBy Carlisle an Hazel - August 26, 2017 El 5SHARE ESHARESOnce again, the internet trolls on have exposed anAntifa member.After the internet forum' s viral exposure of the violent bikecoward Eric Clarion, a list of Antifa members began to developon the digital medium through.