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Anon's day goes down the toilet.

Anon's day goes down the toilet. MI File: ital ta KB, 205x249)I Anonymous / ( Fri) [Reply].I honestly feel like ending it right now.

The Original Doom shotgun

The Original Doom shotgun The display case at id Software' s.emcee deriding the try gun that wasdigitized ital '.

It's still gay tho

It's still gay tho Hum hat 2303: Hunt: Mt PMmun] -3 alsa in ' " any othurwuu] ' t mind.which is 'ital iit% nutlau} tiny, ninth: 'Sll% stlil ( ignor: gnt_.

How do you chill?

chillin on a Saturday nightItal daturaCalm down Jojoyou' re right, I am looking a little stiff here, Ishould try to relaxYou call that "chillin"?Everyone knows the best way to relax is witha good book and a warm drinkI dunno, man,sometimes I like just relaxing on my laptopA, bitchloadget on my level boysUnfortunately to "get on your level" I' d need aboat trip to the Mariana Trench and a pair ofcinderblock shoes.