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(Yet Another) Fallout Dump

(Yet Another) Fallout Dump I Laughed But It Hurt a Little.22 hrs agoBurning trash growing out of control 11 hrs agoMy Life In Memes Finally Pt.

college art classes are hard

college art classes are hard Keep in mind ME:A release 20 hrs agocaught in the act attempting to break into a property 20 hrs agoOne sword to rule them all.23 hrs agoAND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS 21 hrs agoSince someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl 20 hrs agoI didn't know what I expected 20 hrs ago

Anons friend isnt gay

Anons friend isnt gay El Anonymous / 17( ) [Reply] Fbbe me 20 years oldshaving fun with some friends and spend the night with themasleep next to a close friend and we start talking about dumb shiteuwe talk about girls and then he DBEHS up to me and says he want he kiss meIn feel uncomfortable and tell him "mi'We says sorry and tells me that he' s not gay