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islam comp: Nice tats edition.

islam comp: Nice tats edition. lotengo prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment I don't actually like her tats.But this content is about the cultural enrichment of the west and islam in general, as you all know.

islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition.

islam comp: Happy birthday 4u edition. The monument was erected by Queen Elizabeth in 1994 and is made out of bronze and granite angled slabs that have water trickling down it.The two slabs represent both Britain and Canada and there are maple leaves inserted into the two slabs as well as the country’s coat of arms.

This is ISLAM and welcome to jackass

This is ISLAM and welcome to jackass PREPARATION OF THE CONDEMNED ADULTERERend wanes Involved In the useere lo heels were thescheduled exe: The law stipulates thatexei: lake Blue at dawn.the status sheildbe ‘around the SIX: Ha pelleellee"THIS ROCK WOULDBE DEEMEDTOO SMALLThisArticle In - the has hint!

Trump's ban is working

Trump's ban is working ALLEN B.WESTSHARESOne of the consequences of Trump' stemporary travel ban on the sevennations (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syriaand Yemen) in the 2015 Terrorist TravelPrevention Act is that other nations withterrorism problems don' t want to benext.

Muslims: Islam the "peaceful" religion

Muslims: Islam the "peaceful" religion Worldwide incidents Tracking SystemSearch ix‘ Reports!E - Islamic Extremist (Shia) 1, 251 4, 000 333 5, 341Islamic Extremist (Sunni) 38, 059 33, 133 11, 353 132, 335latinas.

/pol/itician explains Islam

/pol/itician explains Islam i Anonymous (ID: , ikill ) IslImagine you had to make up a new religion for acontest.The religion that exists a thousand yearsfrom now wins.

Map of swedish migrant crime

Map of swedish migrant crime w F I F ill flt t ittMigratory Crime In Sundae Since 2010l , 076 viewsSHARERape!549 metreAsylum incidentsaih 2016 (Apr): an Refugees Inured: -ead In Btter.