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Snapchats latest "news" story

Snapchats latest "news" story Dear Lord, he's one of us now!22 hrs agoSupporting the patriarchy 21 hrs agothese two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 18 hrs agoI want to buy a Switch for BotW, but.

Maybe an actual unpopular opinion

Maybe an actual unpopular opinion Take a rest friend.I shall deal with this 5 mns agoReal Life Stop Motion Combined With Legos 9 mns agoWhich suicide made you happier?

Nachos are valuable indeed

Nachos are valuable indeed Help me graduate college!11 mns ago(Shadman) Emoji Movie girl 43 mns agoDefend Europe: Update from the C-Star 1 hr agoRandom Stuff your Grandfather brings up at Dinners 1 hr agoVoneed Itrug Ytumm Udaivenen 1 hr agoAlways know there's help if you need it 1 hr agoDC what are you doing, they even named her ISIS jfc 1 hr ago

/fit/izen starts lifting

/fit/izen starts lifting That is some serious skill 20 snds agoThe Strongest Legend of Cirno 4 mns agoWhy there should be an age restriction to changing gender 5 mns agoGirl sends her mom odd messages, mom takes them seriously 15 mns agoLive feed: Hurricane Irma from ground 18 mns agoThese video game graphics look like real life 25 mns agoAriel wants in on the leg action 30 mns agoObake Life - Takahashi Ichirou 32 mns agoGluttony in the latest FMA LAM poster 32 mns agoThought this was pretty cool 40 mns ago