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British U Bans All "Politically Incorrect" Words

British U Bans All "Politically Incorrect" Words BANNED [ slrp?and approved alternatives]I Best mentor the job i, Iman indie streetbest person for the job] i, (average pars on]I Waitress (server) i, I Polio victimlea (chair] 'i( Polio survivor]I Fireman (firefighter] i, I (artificial]I Forefathers (ancestors] i, I ManpowerI Housewife (consumer) i, (human resources]forename] i I Sportsmanshipi( fairness)staff the desk) i, [ tax officer)I Homosexual i, I Workmanlikei, (efficient)

/pol/ discusses battle armor

/pol/ discusses battle armor Board {pelt - Politically incorrect I Settings HomeI Anonymous nu: ave: -Aer )ENext Berkeley Event Gearheimer.KB JPGI attended this Berkeley event.