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Ass Slaps & Wage Gaps

Ass Slaps & Wage Gaps Quick, while the British are asleep upvote iced tea 20 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?9 hrs agoam i the only one thats worried?

A Man With A Good Job

A Man With A Good Job Breath of the Wild: Long Distance Shield Parry 19 hrs agoThey didn't even change the font 14 hrs agoGod Emperor vs.Fatboy Kim III 11 hrs agoWow.

Hiding his power level

Hiding his power level t' rter,?i- tet flu think VI ‘Ill?

Nikola Tesla is a cat

Nikola Tesla is a cat I dickmilkNIKOLA TESLA IS SUPER ADORABLE HE' SJUST MEANDERING AROUND AND HIDINGUNDER THINGS PM GONNA SQUEALIll dickmilkI should probably specify that Nikola Tesla isa cat and inventor NikolaTesla is not wandering around my househiding under things because he is deadI like the implication that if he were not deadhe probably would be wandering around yourhouse hiding under thingssalamander toastSource: