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a feel good story?

a feel good story? TI Anonymous (ID: cel {Zifv' ‘ " l [ Wed} 1 8: 34: 43 No.477045509File: ".

Happy 4th of July you commies

Happy 4th of July you commies /a/ sings Carnival Phantasm OP (god is dead) 47 snds agoBritish Multicultural Entertainment 1 mn agoMeme out the ass: We're at war.4 mns agoweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 13 mns agoGreg Davies’ teaching days 15 mns agoCNN cant do anything right 23 mns agoLOL ME UP IN REAL LIFE FJ 23 mns agoDonald the Trump's Home Run Derby 24 mns ago

SJW goes to bootcamp

SJW goes to bootcamp 5101" St Cli itIllest DP IE: mmg" 14 horas - anSir, this recruit is offended by that word, sir.#My Marine instructor insulted me by using the reword.