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Hard Red pill to swallow

Hard Red pill to swallow So my class was talking about this man and the more deeper i did my research the more i have realized that he was literally hitlerHe started slaughtering whites who held political power in his country, Just like hitler did to the jews.He would Necklace people which was a worse method of execution than the gas chambers.

robot describes his annual income

robot describes his annual income E Anonymous 07/ 23/ 17( Sun) 13: 38: 34 blo.38571997I myself don' t make any money (Iam not a wage) but my mommymakes a cool a year!

Robot has a realization.

File: M: (W KB, 2303291]nuw realized thatyou' re suppouse to Hum dawn toylet we perEhwhat hare yen been doing with it?I PUT IT IN THE BIN BECAUSE THATS WHAT, WAS; TCALD TO DC: NOW I REALIZE WHY Aet) PLE STRIPPED ME TO THEIR HOUSE in!