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Pajeet is tired of American hypocrisy

Pajeet is tired of American hypocrisy 156 KB, 1200x925)File: USE BIDETS YOUHow fucking retarded are you Americans?Honestly how do go about calling us the streetshitters when you disgusting brutes walk around alter using cheap paper to scoop your shitwith your own hands?

Cringe Comp Pt. 1

Cringe Comp Pt. 1 FFXIV launcher black screen 1 mn agoWhen the Monk goes finally serious 8 mns agocaught my friend and lightning at the exact moment 11 mns agoHistory without boring details prt.1 15 mns agoSplatoon Fan Art Comp.


SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED Emma Jones" @.lenghty again"You could go door to door and take all theguns and it' d probably be surprisinglyuneventfulPM - 27 Jul 2017tda Us Use Eltlt Tweet your replyReplying to ti.

Do women like being sexually harassed?

Do women like being sexually harassed? Never too soon, only too late 7 mns agoA content filled with URLS of several other contents 10 mns agoNever underestimate the pervy side of the Force 15 mns agoDidn't even touch the ground yet 23 mns agoAll my friends with a PS4 26 mns agoNegus and the red string of fate 45 mns agoWe can play singleplayer games OFF THE INTERNET?56 mns ago