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Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French

Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French Wik"RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the lastFrench presidential electionwikileaks.#Clearance16 '%Bovary, EDITCIA espionage orders for the last French presidentialelectionAll major French pumice] parties were targeted for inistration try the rune human CH UMING")and eletronic spies in the seven months leading up to France' s 2012 presidentialelection.

Erdogoat at it again

Erdogoat at it again President Erdogan of Turkey is holding a referendum that could increase his political power.So to ensure a yes Erdogan wants to campaign for a yes in various European countries, where many Turkish people live.

Anon stands up for the gays

Anon stands up for the gays the me, almost got in fight on bus todaydudes holding handsnasoleone was like shielding their child who was lookingsso the guys stoppedst said "No, fuck that.Don' t do that.

ANA Come to Report

ANA Come to Report TrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 15 hrs agoHow to solve puzzles [Breath of the Wild] 18 hrs agoThis is a real thing that exists in a video game 21 hrs agoThis is never getting old, is it?15 hrs agowhy do you want to be oppressed so badly?