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Compilation of the media's "Doublethink"

Compilation of the media's "Doublethink" gfl The Huffington Past.theory.

How does Merkel sleep at night?

How does Merkel sleep at night? Claudia Letiziaan Met Benn Domenico in em Uni emf derI nton e' detetion___in am HELPMan hat hm wen ninten eine Pat h den Kopfrangethe Madien spielen ewes HunterDas ist schlimm undIhr trom Jas awn germ Lane Dian mein Soon v' webelkenWe Lem: W Reageren e [miensci'54.

This anon gets it

This anon gets it I Daily Reminder: Dogma are the ultimate weapon against Islam Anonymous (ID:.And mares noi a goddamn person in the worm fhif doesn' t‘ mire mesa adorable fuckers.