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New Tournament: On Your Marks, Get Set… GO!

Join or create your next Tournaments Team and grab more ribbons.The next round kicks off May.

Oculus Rift convinced me that VR has potential - but hasn't convinced me to invest in it yet - Gaming Thoughts -

Of course the other concern is who is going to come out on top?This is another reason for me to sit back and wait to see what happens.

It's True for Some

It's True for Some Even the laugh is less creepyBy:2 mns ago Do you know what is this?By:8 mns ago Anon doesn't know how to proxyBy:12 mns ago the raises your creativityBy:17 mns ago Adam and Eve vs EvolutionBy:17 mns ago He Can Became A Good LawyerBy:23 mns ago

One of the few non shitty ones

One of the few non shitty ones I dent get all this ‘Black Lives Matter‘ - ‘BlueLives Matter" divide, I been around here since157 and I newer been to jail.All I see I" ) arethese / s running : I getting shotbecause they think they can do whatever theywant.

Dreadhalls - PC / VR Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Dreadhalls - PC / VR Review | Chalgyr's Game Room The story behind the game is as simple as the overall gameplay.You wake up in a solitary room within a dungeon with no information about how you got here and with the goal of escaping.