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Console-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot

Console-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot [trigger large {{{Vita has no game; PS aznzeus is a faggot}}} mentionlist ConsoleTans] Still here still blocked from my own goddamn comment section Edit: Since I can't make comments I guess I'll just keep editing this.Is saltysloth a theme account he pretty much only uses that spy everywhere.

We Are Here Forever

We Are Here Forever The separation of trash and can 5 hrs agoWhen you just mowed your lawn 13 hrs agoAntiFa bike-lock weilder identity found 6 hrs agoRacism simulator - literally Hitler 21 hrs agoChapelle describes his first meeting Kanye 14 hrs ago/int/ acts as German as possible 19 hrs agoConsole-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot 5 hrs agoWell.That's good to know 18 hrs ago

Anon's military story

Anon's military story We told this story befire an here, but I think you guys will We itUSMC riflemanAfghanistansget billets as gre nastier.have to lug arsenal a fucking 32 because aware my we hurtdeceptions newwaet can about a VBIE ( IED)Ed out an patrol tn investigatetruck obviosuly out with weight sitting under a treeleader say' s than gotta be it, tells me to just blew it the fuck uplaunch a grenade, l by like 20 meters because We rely used this thing beforeWEED DAMMIT ANON YOU BOOT SHITBAG FUCK WHY THE FUCK DC) YOU EVEN HAVE THAT FUCKING THING F YOU CAN' T SHOOT IT"sass is getting chewedat Insult in shame, spaghetti falling nut as my mp [stenchsame fucking guy fall out of treestands can trust:struck fucking blows upsilty missed shot scared the guy in the tree mm the remote detenator far the l/ BIOlet me keep the Transformer Killer

Hey, There's A New Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt In The Store!

Hey, There's A New Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt In The Store! Well, it's a banner day in New York when the Giant Beastcast manages to hit its 100th episode.To celebrate this monumental milestone, we've commissioned a very special shirt: the Giant Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt.

police anon speaks up

police anon speaks up PD insider here.nna.

Anon buys all the theater seats.

Anon buys all the theater seats. 672747306 [Realylelse meegging to see the viewingem the theater here they have an RFX viewing place where youcan reserve seatsereven.popcorn to the rightemoes start pouring in with their spawndenying to sit downsorry but all ofthose seats are reserved"e" forthe?