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the guardsmen spirit is strong

the guardsmen spirit is strong That' s white dwarf 138, I believe, in his handWe' re playing at night in a in the Iraqidesert about 25 Hicks southeast of.We have white stones for Minis, and a t- 55dipstick from a destroyed enemy tank as ameasuring device.

/sci/ bikes home from university

/sci/ bikes home from university 59791Home home from uni with my bikeah/ vays try my hardest to arrive as fast as possible to train mybodywck) ck always a little more than 8 minutesHome home listening to eurobeatso much energy and it' s so fun to tome my legs to do theirhardest eyed when l can' t increase the speed anymorearrive about 5 minutes and 19 seconds after leaving the uniliterally can' t walk properlyMegs hurt so much I wait in pain on my bed for a minute before being able to write this shitty blog postWhat is the science behind this?Also, I' m feeling a weird taste on my mouth.