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Me talking to vegans

Me talking to vegans The lamb here is be great.I wish i could tune out that morale Home in me that says 'eating animals ismurder'But, I guess I' m not as strong as you are.

The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado the dank side of the moon 6 mns agoOne Piece art in 82,000 Minecraft blocks.15 mns agoHeroes of the Storm: Genji Spotlight 16 mns agoReality is not a strong point of the left 27 mns agoNot being French I want to know 27 mns agoThe Great Meme War - The Battle for France 28 mns agoLocal Sperit Gets Destroyed 29 mns agoHand-Holding At The Wrong Place & Time 31 mns agoI put the "pimp" in pimples 32 mns agoA Leaf illustrates environmental racism.