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Anon stands up for the gays

Anon stands up for the gays the me, almost got in fight on bus todaydudes holding handsnasoleone was like shielding their child who was lookingsso the guys stoppedst said "No, fuck that.Don' t do that.

seems i got dragged back in.

seems i got dragged back in. I want a game where the can he fat!"I want a pleat that doesn' t revolve mound chancel"I want a game that doesn' t treat my character different if Iplay as a woman.

/fit/ likes Dave Chappelle

/fit/ likes Dave Chappelle Board /fit/ -Fatmans , Settings Home192 KB JPGwwatch his Netflix specialshe got huge armsNice to see how he changed from a skinny twig.E Anonymous 03/ ( Tue) 11 :34: 25 blo.

When got Coloured Text

You' re givingcoloured text tothe users?Orange text!

30 thoughtful gufts for mom

30 thoughtful gufts for mom Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb 20 hrs agoHow to attract Monster Girls 20 hrs agoDid someone say "Die for the Emperor?" 22 hrs ago/pol/ predicts the ULTIMATE HAPPENING 22 hrs agoShe's confused that women have freedom of choice 17 hrs agoblack protestor in chicago, 1941 21 hrs agoGetting healthier is intolerant and dumb 03/28/2017When Funnyjunk got Coloured Text 20 hrs ago