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Sword Coast Legends Console Reviews

Sword Coast Legends Console Reviews Now that n-Space's Sword Coast Legends has firmly planted itself into console territory with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, an assortment of reviews have made their way online.In short, the reception is similar to what we saw with the PC version.

Pinball FX2 Bethesda Pinball review -

Pinball FX2 Bethesda Pinball review - The price is a bit steep at $10.99, but the tables are complex and incredibly detailed.

/k/ommando gives dating advice

/k/ommando gives dating advice w /k/ omrades,anone of the chicks at the range are1 singler 1 knever seen a qt browsing gear at thestorehow does one find tactical honeys?date a hiker/ and /k/invert her?

anon takes an anti/b/iotic

anon takes an anti/b/iotic C) Anonymous 02/ (aget lung infectionadeg gives me antibiotics for itssays they may cause diarrheassays to take them with feedahkayastard taking pillsmthree days inahoyed' t shit since I started taking themawenser if the pills are actually making me constipatedaday fouramage breakfastcouple breakfast sandwiches and a coffeeaeot and take my antibioticalt} minutes passesssomething doesny feel rightsuddenlyamy sphincter is now Vietnam, 1972arun to the shitter faster than Usain Boltmeasily think I meld have wen a gold medal in the Olympicsathe moment I sit my ass down the floodgates openwe become a human pressure washerconstant stream of liquid shit launches from my asshole at mach speedathe plumbing is probably totally tree of clogs nowathe splashes mats my ass in shit waterathe pressure is so great that it splashes outside of the bowl as wellamy legs are covered in brown mist as a resultalas are shaking uncontrolablybaisically consulting at this pointarkells like the bathromm is a month old mass graveais enough induce gag reflexbut miss the terleton the floorifeel like a Veitnam war metered tortured by his flashbackstwasn' t even in 'namasleep the rest cf the day oftmeat dayage to doctor to see about switching medswet examined againnever eyed had a lung infection

Anon attempts to be kind

Anon attempts to be kind File: (23 KB, 600x484)harder 2 big mac mealstotalggive herlane gives me it backthe change"Hells me she can' t accept tips and hands me the dollar backsent it on the saunter and say "well ill just conveniently leave it here than be a shame if sameone found it and kept it haha"swine at hersshe chineesmay behind me in line grabs me and asks her a problemsshe says offering her moneyshoves me out bf line and says if i want to give girls money for affection he get a hookerme not to came back