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Anon has an inside joke

Anon has an inside joke I Anonymous (' ( Thu)' 93930 Fgee}ems and highschool chews have inside joke that she likes meseeks me out as a joke on valentines daysshe brings it up everytime we talkwe jokes about how much it hurt hersshe was copiously making fun cf me because I was really needy with hermmy autism thinks there may be some truth to her jokemask her outsshe thought Ewes jerkingI t: souldnt talk to her far the rest at highschool because she gave me anxiety attacks

yet another games memes dump

yet another games memes dump MFW I return to work after a week off and have 992 emails 1 mn agoPANZERKAMPFWAGEN SCHADENFREUDE!1 mn agoThe New Hitman Game Looks Great 5 mns agoEvery bunny was Kung Fu Fighting 16 mns agoPolitical Correctness Game 18 mns agoHow Germans See American Beer 22 mns agoMyths That Black People Believe Debunked 25 mns agoMy phone judges me on my fetishes 33 mns ago

Anon uses his digits wisely

Anon uses his digits wisely When is the Marvel hero coming?9 mns agoEveryday, we stray further away from God's light 13 mns agoMinorities should be mean to all white people.