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Anon plays with Brasilians

Anon plays with Brasilians File: IMG Stirbt» 6.gng (637 KB, 640x1136)competitive match in csgo, iisparred with a bunch of brasilians, who seem to know each otherwwe are just on T site as CT, just fucking around while it' s warm upbather are speaking in Br so can' t understand shitwhey don' t seem to get that much english nor spanish at allwwhile this goes on, I get a headshot killMae of my team says via voice commands "Nice!

I just witnessed a murder

I just witnessed a murder File: fice.gng (170 KB, 780x505)American "men", eberyonei know yo live ' hut and all and I have no idea how you got internet but if you even slap a woman back inAmerica, self defense or not, we will rot in prison for the rest of your life or get off after leng legal battles and haveyour reputation tarnished and life ruinedI know it' s easy for you to get away with punching your third grade wife ' poonta but we can' t do thatgrade wifeI' m going to retract this cause I know you guys actually don' t have schools