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Robot has some obscure feels

Robot has some obscure feels 5 AnonymousObscure haswe post obscure feelsand really fucked up shitwe wantyou will never be a8 KB JPG dog in an upper middleclass familyyou will never be able to manipulatethe universe and space and time so youcan duplicate yourself into a cute girl, thengo back in time to your unaware presentself and date myself, and pull all of my ownheart strings so i can have somebody thatunderstands me and is nice to me andgives me the love i desperately need so idont keep going off of the deep end.yyou will never know what its like to be inthe mind of a normal healthy persondamages l View Thread l

Anon drives while drunk

Anon drives while drunk 1 Anonymous741937860 t 13.08 09: 10: 39 AMJPEG 572x572 44 KBWhats the worst you ever fucked up?

Anon realizes he fucked up

Anon realizes he fucked up Shmick and Smorty Shmepisode 5 Shmeason 3 3 mns agoThe ultimate Fate yandere waifu has been born 6 mns agofaster than the speed of light 15 mns agoAn idiot and some midgets.Part 1 21 mns agocop catches teens smoking pot 22 mns agoWhen admin spots 1/100000000000000 of a nip 44 mns agoAnyone else remember coolmath-games?

Anon goes for a jog

Anon goes for a jog Anonymous ( Sun) 18: 05: 43I think I fucked up todaybbe mewe going for a jog in the park on my restdaythugging forward faster than everpprobably gonna be new PR36 KB we this shortlisting girl in my waywho' s looking at her phonewant to cut the corner so I keep running the way i' mcurrently goingmdoing too well to move out of the way, as I' d have toslow downinkjet closer, realize she hasn' t seen meLyell "MOVE THE FUCK AWAY!" as i run right into herbi weigh about 180 pounds, she probably weighedmaybe 100 pounds, at mosttthe scream startled her so much she dropped herphonerun on her phone, probably cracked it toorel run right into her, knocking her overbit was concrete where i ran into heraactually heard a sort of "smack" or "thump" can' t reallyremember, but i definitely heard something a split secondafter i hit herjpgllook behind messhe' s not movingscared to go back nowtjust keep running homerread in local news the next day that girl was rushed tohospital with a bad concussion after being foundyesterdayWill I go to jail for this?

That Guy Fucked Up

That Guy Fucked Up File: That guy removed by (45 KB, 1320x654)Let this guide you.I' had something similar happen, only it involved a bro and that guy using kerosene and ended with a 10 year sentence and a payout of about 120, 000 USU.

Anons life is fucked up

Anons life is fucked up Obake Life - Takahashi Ichirou 1 mn agoGluttony in the latest FMA LAM poster 1 mn agoThought this was pretty cool 9 mns agoHow young do they think we are?19 mns agoSpecial Forces of the world 24 mns agoWas Donald Trump a Draft Dodger?