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Misfit app for Windows 10 snags a new refined look

Misfit app for Windows 10 snags a new refined look Recently, Twitter user @tomsnicetweets noticed the Misfit app in the Windows Store underwent a UI revamp that brings it on par with its iOS cousin.Perhaps, the Misfit developers are among the tiny sliver of early Islandwood (iOS porting tool) users who have used the tool bring over a similar iOS experience to Windows users.

Self-driving cars: Great for safety, but they'll lose the insurance industry $20 billion

The new self-driving cars will be good for road safety, but they'll also hurt the vehicle insurance industry, with research suggesting that it could cut US$20 billion from insurance premiums worldwide by 2020.The research, conducted by US companies 'Swiss Re' and 'Here', found that the number of crashes will drop by 80% by 2035, which will dramatically cut into insurance revenue.

Sky, Vodafone merger 'raises some questions'

Calls for network neutrality have emerged following the proposed merger of Sky and Vodafone announced last week.Net neutrality means anyone can buy the company’s content and get the same service.

Ministry announces extension of Teacher-Led Innovation Fund

The Ministry of Education will support funding for the Teacher-Led Innovation Fund for a further two years, Education Minister Hekia Parata announced last week.The fund supports teachers to develop innovative practices.

Vodafone NZ/Sky merger is good news for its mpetitors

The transaction involves Sky paying Vodafone $1.Everything coming out of Vodafone and Sky seems to relate to the consumer market: "The combined group will offer exciting new packages with Sky’s premium entertainment content, Vodafone NZ’s communications and digital services of the future.

Spark speaks out about Vodafone Sky merger

He says Sky TV's core subscriber base has dropped.He also says Vodafone NZ's broadband takeup has had little to no growth over the past four years since the acquisition of Telstra Clear.

Engaging digital natives at work critical, says expert

Rob van Es, chief operating officer at REFFIND says that as the first digital natives, millennials are the most social and connected and have different priorities when it comes to workplace satisfaction.Firstly, there’s the time and expense of finding, hiring, and training new talent,” van Es says.

The AOC G2770PF: An affordable weapon for your arsenal

The meteoric rise of gaming has seen an influx of products designed to provide that ‘extra edge’ in the crunch moments.Fortunately, AOC has taken notice, producing an inexpensive gaming monitor that is packed with a lot (if not all) of the features of its pricier competition.

Everything you need to know about THAT rape case

In March 2016, Turner was convicted of three counts of felony sexual assault: Assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object, and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.“There is less moral culpability attached to the defendant who is … intoxicated,” the judge said.

US TV broadcasters now want to help you binge watch your favourite shows

Clearly, broadcasters need such rights to fend off competition from subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) providers such as Netflix and Hulu, but there’s more to it than satisfying consumers’ needs to watch TV on demand.Even after years of relentless disruption, the key driver of success in the TV business remains unchanged: great content that consumers love.

New and improved UI and Insights coming to Microsoft Health app

If you’re a Microsoft Health user, particularly if you own a Band or Band 2, then you likely find yourself using the Health app on a daily or more frequent basis.According to Windows Central, the Health app on Windows 10 for PC and mobiles is getting a revamp soon, along with a new feature.

Think you uld cut it as an Olympian? A new app allows you to find out

Think you uld cut it as an Olympian? A new app allows you to find out Did you ever watch the Olympics 100m final in 1896 and think that you could have done it faster?However, now you can find out for sure whether you would have been able to do your country proud with a new app called Cadence Olympus-trials.

TomTom unveils new sports app to Kiwis

TomTom unveils new sports app to Kiwis “With our new TomTom Sports app we turn data into insights to do just that.” The TomTom Sports app provides a single place to track up to 12 different activity types ranging from running, cycling and swimming to skiing, trail running and hiking.