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I'm so fucking happy

I'm so fucking happy After two years of sitting around wasting my life away, I finally took a class at my local college and passed with a 93%I'm so ******* happy and I've finally proven myself to my parents.My whole life I've been struggling and now I'm starting to get on the right path.

Huplo Yseam Nowi Rapt

Huplo Yseam Nowi Rapt World of Warships || Maximum Skill 18 mns agocursed images Bnha edition 34 mns agoAfter you've been lifting for 2 months 37 mns agoMass effect, only the good ones.38 mns agoTop 10 Anime Battle Outfits 39 mns agoMattis Comp: Merch Edition 51 mns agoModern Marvel in a Nutshell 1 hr agoWhen it Rains Shells.

Anon is finally winning at life

Anon is finally winning at life reasonable prison boyfriend 24 mns agoGuess you're sleeping here tonight 41 mns ago"White people are all at fault." 59 mns agoPoles cry before being executed by the Germans, Poland, 1940 1 hr agoShmick and Smorty Shmepisode 5 Shmeason 3 2 hrs agoThe ultimate Fate yandere waifu has been born 2 hrs agofaster than the speed of light 2 hrs ago

Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching

Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching Got more important things to do , i'm sorry lol 10 mns agoFlorida don feel di force 32 mns agoInsane Dragon's Potions CYOA 34 mns agoSnippet from a true story 46 mns agoBoruto's Dad's Friend's Brother 1 hr agoFearless Girl vs The Kitchen 1 hr agoGot some things to sort out 1 hr agoMeanwhile, A Year Ago.1 hr agoYour daily dose of sadness 1 hr agoDouble Denied Titanfall 2 CTF 1 hr agoMore Spiky Child [Bakugou Comp 2] 1 hr agoA National ID Card Is Coming You Will Need It to Fly and drive 2 hrs agoA-are you threatening me?

Bet she's a hooker too.

Bet she's a hooker too. Back in the day, I would sometimes dressup like a teenage boy named Tyler and sellmy son weed.I would always have to rushhome and change back into my mom clothesbefore my son arrived, I' d scream at him allnight tor buying weed.

Lawfag finally ends it all

Lawfag finally ends it all I ask, lawyer's.say yesdon' t try to bullshit me now, I' m a lawyer.