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friendzoned so f'ing hard

friendzoned so f'ing hard Dent know what I did to deserve such anamazing girl, but I took her en a helicopterride todayPHANIL: Fallow nperp?harUPDATE: W y' all, turns out she was justanother female that ' t get over her exand tried to tie and hide things from meaxing girl but I tryoutBeen in egg X

Yes they are, you hipster

Yes they are, you hipster Matt Binder at FallowMailordera lot seem to have a problem with thisparagraph.step out of your bubble none atHere' s the full list at female characters that Nintendo intends as farWetten' s History Month: Tetra from "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walter ,"Tardette born the Mario series, bayonetta from "Bayonetta," Rosalina ttom the Marieseries, Lucius Eran: "Fire Emblem," Karmas Aran bun '" and Babbette fromPaper Maria.