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/b/tard has a fairly lucrative idea

/b/tard has a fairly lucrative idea Ijust bought a mine inl, ' I Wyoming, (no taxes thankfully).I' m justI'll wondering how long on average does ittake to generate about ,000, 000 worth377 KB PNG of gold?

Fairly Odd Parents Redraw

Fairly Odd Parents Redraw When you go to the bank to ask for a loan 5 mns agoDid he get the community chest though?7 mns agoEven the kids in Africa knows.

Fearless Girl vs The Kitchen

Fearless Girl vs The Kitchen 4chan edit of PewDiePie Commic 10 mns agoAlf picture in Chrono Cross 24 mns agoWhat we should have gotten in 2017 42 mns agoMy best friend of 13 years 53 mns agoWhat if All Might never existed 1 hr agoYou are not alone.But North is alone forever 1 hr agoAnother video by Felix Colgrave 1 hr ago