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Avoid the FJ Discord chat

Avoid the FJ Discord chat The Funnyjunk Discord chat group (the one that actively asks its members to shill for it using Funnyjunk content as a recruitment board) just started an active campaign for its members to go to Reddit to start shilling there while stealing their memes to spam on Funnyjunk.Nothing too special about this, just wanted to put it out there for people to know just how cancerous that group is.

FJEvent planning: Wholesome Twitch raid

FJEvent planning: Wholesome Twitch raid Our main goal for this raid is to make someone's day.WE ARE A COMMUNITY AND TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN You're invited to a FunnyJunk community event.

Typed in "" on google images

Typed in "" on google images tail,!Talk to strangers'.

Classic depravity (and some questions)

Classic depravity (and some questions) [Edit: this was supposed to be at the bottom, but I suck at enjoy the comics tho]Hey FunnyJunk, can I just ask y'all something.

The Time I Almost Committed Suicide

At this point in my life, I was in a consistent daily battle of trying to stop myself from committing suicide.I was crying for help as loud as I possibly could in a desperate attempt at finding someone who would listen.

Simulator User Edition: canichaikait

 Simulator User Edition: canichaikait This is a side project I am thinking about making into a sort of "spin-off series".I used canichaikait as a guinea pig to see how this type of "Simulator" would be recieved.