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Flight of the sissy birds

Flight of the sissy birds It' s a Golden Sissy animals.

Anon Agrees To Eat Dick.

Anon Agrees To Eat Dick. Cl Anonymous -" No,College erg: - threadsibe freshman at bigup buffet every daymeal plan ftwDetroy in one nightcarribbean foodyissin linebehind youshiri not changeseason overmyoga pants galorePstart small talksymbology majorup in lineBegetting closescan smell the tishsgood not girl2-' countinue talkDjaddy issuesFinaaly get to frontis big black mantalking 'Green Mite' big3-' -Asks what I wants" Fail load"smees I' m me large piece of fishsneering alpha3: -He jokingly says "This as big as my dick"Immediately reply with "I' d gladly eat your dick"wmm I realized what lies: saidwmm Everyone laughs at mewmm Girl leaves with gorilla