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/pol/ explains a picture

/pol/ explains a picture Y.CCItpgit?

Anon explains Chick-fil-A

Anon explains Chick-fil-A i Anonymous E / 17( : 56: 201492139160178.jpgwe presidentaway to Godraised watches over restaurantprised makes sure the recipes are the bestgrants you loyal employees who always cheerfullyrespond "it' s my pleasure" when ever someone thanks themsends the most attractive girls to eat and work at yourrestaurantsends in his gays to try to shut down the restaurantraised sends at times as many Christians to give the restaurantfantastic prosperityGod by remaining closed on Sunday

tv explains Darth Vader

tv explains Darth Vader 80649864Hue been waiting for you,l ilt' Obi Wan.When I left you, lwas but the learner: new Iti KB we am the Master.

Anon explains East Asia

Anon explains East Asia Board i/ int/ In ' Settings Hornei Anonymous- 06/ 22/ 17( Thu) 08: 31: 25 No.itJapanese are whiteif ifi Anonymousfa, E( i 06/ 22/ 17( Thu) 08: 32: 52 talt:Koreans are a down to earth people.

Poland explains humanities most advanced technology

Poland explains humanities most advanced technology Do you think Baal and Kek are bros?2 mns agoRussian Embassy Defends Alliance With Nazis 27 mns agoSome fresh new hairstyle to kill a day 28 mns agoToot toot, equality Train!

Tumblr explains the term "snowflake"

Tumblr explains the term "snowflake" Trickshots that I can get behind 2 mns agoMarina Is Becoming Self-Aware 17 mns agoFriend is streaming for her second time 25 mns agoTrump news from Roger Stone 40 mns agoanonymusly send my friend positive messages.52 mns agoUrtundiv Tostivagg Ectabeche 56 mns agoNew Crash game teaser is looking good.

/tv/ explains the Disney Star Wars hate

/tv/ explains the Disney Star Wars hate Will you open your heart for him?16 mns agoAchieved goal after getting goaled himself 23 mns agoOne more trick up the sleeve 28 mns agoOutside waiting for the eclipse all like 33 mns agoWhat's with the latest bug where advancing doesn't work?