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Anon gets too excited

Anon gets too excited I had just watched the new power rangers trailer and waspretty excited about it.My roommate who (is trans) and Iwere getting ready to go to dinner and I shouted "IT' STIME!

Robot feels parental pride at last.

Robot feels parental pride at last. to finally win1, l,',',' i' i' " gget SC) excited that I leap up from my bed and start screamingv' YES YES YES FUCK YOU'Pstart literally screaming atthe top of my lungseaheah parents wake upread storms in and swings my aper openv' l HAVE TO WORK TOMORROWapologisev' shssc) rry dad babout I beat a minster haha it felt like pride'read sees that I actually feel pride fer lancequalms downv' oh really son?what was the monsters name'read shouts 'NC) PROBLEM MOM, OUR BOY BEAT MAMMOTHS.