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Trump from a Teacher

Trump from a Teacher January 28 ata: ahA vote for this "man," was an egocentric vote against CNN " Like PageJanuary's ata: ElA father not able to see his childrenA son concerned over his father' s travel plansA daughter witnessing her father crying for the first timeA student' s education on holdStudent, doctor, son banned by Trump: "tiliw what?

Need a good woman

Need a good woman I need a woman to cook for meand clean up after me,and somebody who' ll do -.IThat' s just a maid.

The Giant Beastcast - Episode 91

The Giant Beastcast - Episode 91 It's just about the end of the year, the news is slowing down but the emails are coming in hot!We've got all the latest trucking beef, more thoughts about saying "YES" to everything, and we finally figure out New Jersey.

Anon has a job

Anon has a job File: (255 KB, 900x900)t bbe meffirst jobaged coursewe a little bit of everythingsaturday in JulyTrapping for a golf outingasks mete put pop in bucket withiceepic relatedwould she want me to do this?back herit-" just put the pop in the bucket anon"ookay I just dent.