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Stabilize GoPro Karma Grip using any mount with new extension cable

Stabilize GoPro Karma Grip using any mount with new extension cable The Karma Grip, as it’s called, is great for those times when you have a free hand, but mounting it can be a bit cumbersome and is limited by its long handle.Today, GoPro unveiled the Karma Grip Extension Cable to solve this issue, making it easier to mount the Karma Grip just about anywhere.

/ck/ does not like skin

/ck/ does not like skin Anonym caus l El!and artificialshed semes eventuallyprefere I can put my napkin en my lap.

Enter your phone number comp

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Anons friend isnt gay

Anons friend isnt gay El Anonymous / 17( ) [Reply] Fbbe me 20 years oldshaving fun with some friends and spend the night with themasleep next to a close friend and we start talking about dumb shiteuwe talk about girls and then he DBEHS up to me and says he want he kiss meIn feel uncomfortable and tell him "mi'We says sorry and tells me that he' s not gay

The Road to El Dorado

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