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Don't Separate families!

Don't Separate families! California Secedes the Union 18 hrs agoGen Z is even more red pilled!02/17/2017Follow Up on ICE Immigrant Protest 23 hrs agolimiting your kids internet is ABUSE 21 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 95 13 hrs agoPewDiePie and Sargon, Red Pill Rises 16 hrs agoSilverstein on Suicide Watch 18 hrs agoWii Fit How Bout NES Fit?

Elizabeth You Rotten Child

Elizabeth You Rotten Child I oen' t firdt myphone.You are an awful mild.

Imperial Officer Ted Cruz...

Imperial Officer Ted Cruz... Meanwhile, in the western world 23 hrs agoHave XCom 2, Haven't Tried It Yet 22 hrs agowhere they burn books, soon they burn people 02/25/2017Boy that escalated quickly.22 hrs ago"It was just a prank, bro" 20 hrs agobeing the lawbringer be like 23 hrs agoYou were definitely asking for it, fool.

/ourguy/ Michael from Vsauce

/ourguy/ Michael from Vsauce is he our one Apol/ 2El Anonymous (ID: EHey ‘tissues!Michael here.