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Random shit on my computer

Random shit on my computer I found an old picture of my kitters 2 mns agoPresident Trump reinstates transgender military ban 13 mns agoUsing a tortillia as a record player 15 mns agoLooking for gas masks on Amazon, found a gem.31 mns agoWhat White Knights Actually Believe 33 mns agoI wish yo momma swallowed you 34 mns agoBoku no hero academia chibis 36 mns agoOne of the best Disney Films 1 hr ago

/k/ gets a shotgun

/k/ gets a shotgun I' m newguys, and I bought this Meelee 10 yesterday for 315, and took ittrap shooting an hour later.Leave this thing, and it helps that I have aknack fer trap sheeting.

How Anon met his girlfriend

How Anon met his girlfriend Alright guys, we had spec ed kids and tards at our school- here' s one of the highlightssbe mestill in highschoolyourside having a smoke during lunchscpec ed girl walks out towards messhe' s like 5' 4", and ugly as fucks" hey anon, can i have a smoke?‘skive the bitch a smokespuddenly another spec ed kid comes outT".

You either die a hero

You either die a hero WHAT I PLAYED WHAT I EXPECTEDTarn Elan: 'White phosphorusIsraelis!-Ed we whiteweapon: Merle: and walk.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy logic even Spock would approve of.7 mns agoHow to Deal With Internet Meanies 10 mns agoDensod Cughenysut Myestispea 14 mns agoSaturday Morning Credits of Modern Cartoons 31 mns agoDont ever tell Nirvana to fake it.

This is how people turn to murder

This is how people turn to murder orfe heard Mme tif theirt) ENE: Wandered Whit WU might ' Elf ElliHun: -Iautid Edd h Eddy" ideaseten*I his LEE‘Danny load of shit Get a life.Unlike.