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Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 31 Released

Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 31 Released Umber Hulks have officially reared their mandible-sporting heads in Dungeons & Dragons Online, as Turbine has released Update 31: Gnomework for the venerable MMORPG and ushered in the classic creature (within The Temple of Elemental Evil, no less), a handful of new quests, and a few other notable gameplay tweaks.I'll quote things directly from the release notes, while also sending you to the item list:

Dungeons & Dragons Online Producer's Letter

There doesn't appear to be any indication that Dungeons & Dragons Online will be slowing down following its 10th anniversary celebration earlier this year, as the newly posted Producer's Letter brings word that 2016 will still ferry in a new adventure pack based on the classic D&D module Assault on the Slave Lords, an overhauled Cannith Crafting system, a design pass at the Monk and Favored Soul classes, and more.There's also a tantalizing bit about the Tiefling and Aasimar races being added to the game for player characters sometime after the end of 2016, with a post-letter tease that a playable Kobold race is even being considered:

Beamdog Hiring for Unannounced Dungeons & Dragons CRPG

Thanks to a tweet by David Gaider, we now know that Beamdog is actively recruiting for "an upcoming (and currently unannounced) CRPG in the Dungeons & Dragons universe." Does that mean we're in store for an enhanced edition of Icewind Dale II or Planescape: Torment, a Baldur's Gate III, or an entirely new game that will kick off an original D&D series?

your waifu is a shit

your waifu is a shit This ain' t really a donut steel, but still weirds me out-Pplaying L) ) wont remembering edition)Hm playing a barbarianas brawler.and the ability's take flurry of blows as a featHm no powerhouse, but I can do some decent damage.

Dragons depictions over our timeline

Dragons depictions over our timeline pussy pass DENIED painfully 16 hrs agoTrash filled with failed dreams 12 hrs agoHow to Survive in Australia 21 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #25 12 hrs agoMust've been a crowded area.14 hrs agoIf Tolkien was still alive 13 hrs agousing the clapping emojis is racist 18 hrs agoBEACH EPISODE IN MY DRAGON MAID!

Komodo dragons are large, scary, and their blood could save human lives

Komodo dragons are large, scary, and their blood could save human lives Here’s one way you could haze a new intern in a biomedical lab: Ask them to go track down a sample of Komodo dragon blood for analysis.The big, strong, venomous creatures (referring to Komodo dragons, not interns!