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Microsoft launches official Xbox server on Discord

Microsoft launches official Xbox server on Discord Speaking on Twitter, Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management at Xbox, announced the new Xbox Discord server: With Discord, users can chat to other gamers in the community via text, or there are a couple rooms where voice is also enabled, allowing the use of microphones.Within the Xbox Discord server, there will be Microsoft employees around, such as Ybarra himself, who is an administrator of the server, as well as several moderators.

Avoid the FJ Discord chat

Avoid the FJ Discord chat The Funnyjunk Discord chat group (the one that actively asks its members to shill for it using Funnyjunk content as a recruitment board) just started an active campaign for its members to go to Reddit to start shilling there while stealing their memes to spam on Funnyjunk.Nothing too special about this, just wanted to put it out there for people to know just how cancerous that group is.