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OP reflects on his first love

OP reflects on his first love bbe 2011bbe depressed high school kid becauserejected againyhave friends but don' t really hangoutwith them muchappend hours upon hours everydaywalking in the sungget depressed waking up every morningbecause I wish I had died in my sleepsstill lift every night but see no purposein lifeaone day see all these "arrow in the kneememes" on the internetffrom a game named Skyrimyhave never played an Elder Scrolls orBethesda game before, only FPS with mybuddies onlinebbuy it during Christmas break of 2011mmost amazing and comfy experienceevertthe open worldtthe explorationtthe musictthe adventureappend the next 3 years playing it untilI' discovered all there is to see inSkyrimftfw I will never experience the joy ofplaying Skyrim again for the first timeone of my favorite games no doubt

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #19

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #19 Leonidas didn't die for this.22 hrs agowhat do you think it was for 23 hrs agoWhose Line is it Anyway?

Anon gives rape advice

Anon gives rape advice we meg close 40 lbspstart looking decentgget first girlfriendgget was and shit, life' s greatrams day girlfriend is depressedaask her whystarns out her brothers a rapist who raped herlittle sister but only got 3 and 1/ 2 months andcurrently lives in the same household with herand the sisterwiping to her house Saturdaymatte to meet the rapist faggot and pretend Idon' t know what he didWhat do?88 KB LPG5 Anonymous 04/ 13/ 17( Thu) 14: 22: 47 No.

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle i, Anonymous / 14/ 17( Thu) 08: 55: 53bungle gets divorcedwas a real bitchfgets depressedaabout a year later decides he wants to beN a woman715 KB PINK) ::stakes hormones but has the build of alinebacker2' to a restaurant for another (uncle retiring from theArmythe time i was in the Marines and in my uniform forthe retirementbrny grandpa was in his army uniformr» -then my uniqlo comes dressed like 16 year old girleeveryone is embarrassedrny uncle is super loud and makes a sceneeeveryone is staring at ustthen my uncle starts crying for no goddamn reasoncanade everything about heryher