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Gsypydude Im sorry to hear about your cousin

Gsypydude Im sorry to hear about your cousin 5 Anonymous 07/ 17/ 16( Sun) 09: 13: 50Mn bedcrash in garageBreach for pistolis not thereI was cleaning it and it was in pieceson the coffee tablepen closet and get KSGpewits half full loaded with only slugs from huntingto kitchen and listenrustling afootquietly unlock doorLlisten morerustlingSawing door open and flip light on while yellinglike a nervous autiston my garbage has a fucking strokeand falls off the canSchoot for no reasonsmear on wallXblood pool like a resident evil gamewent through the garage3" magnum slugs are not for raccoon.

Team Skull Comics P4

Team Skull Comics P4 Monster Girl Quest Review 18 mns agoI just want to watch anime 34 mns agoSperit plays Jotun part 2 34 mns agoSo i have been working on a youtube Story board 1 hr agoThe Mooch (2017-2017) aka Political COMP 1 hr agoNow skeptical of everything.1 hr agoKnuckles knows about gender roles and feminism 2 hrs agoThe Odd Case of Debbie and the Awan Brothers 2 hrs ago