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John Oliver gets real about that thing everyone hates talking about: debt

British comic, John Oliver recently tackled the complex topic of debt on Last Week Tonight.Oliver thoroughly examined the issue of American debt, enlightening us on the fact that the many companies that end up purchasing ours debt cheaply — debt buyers — and then aggressively come back to collect it are actually very simple to start.

Trump cuts US debt by 12 billion

Trump cuts US debt by 12 billion Amazing!Joe HeftPresident Donald Trump reduced the us Debt burden in his rst month in em eelOn January 20th, the day bf the Trump , the US Debt steed at , 947 milieu.

Politifact Stumped the Trump

Politifact Stumped the Trump The National Debt in my first month went down by the billion."Donald Trump an Saturday, February 25th, 2: 31?

Robot wants to get a camper van

Robot wants to get a camper van Anonymouswe educationbin debtfor over 8 yearsone welfare in my country04: 53Yeah going inna woods when I get a letter to pay what I owe,which is probably next week.AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymouswe innawoods04: 5906: 45I think about getting a camper van, solar panels, and a nice waterpurifier and going out west a lot.