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First encounter of the Ronnie kind

First encounter of the Ronnie kind ::::::::::::Upon initiation, new employees are educated on the Ronnie phenomenon.If you don't know what he looks like, a mere glance in his direction will produce an almost sub-sonic rumbling.

A day without immigrants in school

A day without immigrants in school I hour ago.LikeRobin RiggleYes, it was a very pleasant day.

anon has a lucid dream

anon has a lucid dream American on /pol/ defends his culture.23 hrs agoSweet victorious trolling 23 hrs agoTrump is an Absolute Madman 22 hrs agoFaith in humanity restored 13 hrs agoFor honour at japanese server 12 hrs agoPlaying With Randoms Be Like 23 hrs agocats are good at climbing 15 hrs ago4 Years later.

Medical Bill $24,601

Medical Bill $24,601 ::::::::::::::::::Subscribe to Jokes Sang Opera-Style In Doctor's Offices to receive your first volume for half price!The collection includes such hits as "My Arm Hurts When I Move It This Way," "I'd Like A Second Opinion," and the smash hit that dominated the novelty song album charts for two straight weeks, "It Hurts Wherever You Touch Because Your Finger Is Broken.

Anon goes to the mall

Anon goes to the mall ii.l, Anonymous 031711 7( Fri) 22: 37: 33The day i figured out i hadautism.

Anon goes to gym

Anon goes to gym Anonymous I 35055106 Acum 38 min."-I wtfe fell for the "just get fit bro" memeabought an expensive gymmembershipffirst day in the gym I blew out myrectum deadliftingRobots weren' t build to get fit7 REPLIES 4 IMAGES REPLYAnonymous I 35055336 Acum 27 min.