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Dave Grohl and Mark Hoppus

You gave me some of the best advice that We evergotten from any artist through the history of my career.Foo Fighters and were touring Australiaon the Big Day OutAnd Tom and I had both started dating our girlfriends at that time.

Since someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl

#‘(§ rohm F' msotly included a notesaying "l want you to know that when you come home, , editio tickets toany Foes show, anywhere, any two cold beers youDave Grohl IS the drummer on all three Tenacious D siu' , albumsDave Grohl w' aspe sole member?He sang,played _' iihf played guitar on all of the songs.

/fit/ likes Dave Chappelle

/fit/ likes Dave Chappelle Board /fit/ -Fatmans , Settings Home192 KB JPGwwatch his Netflix specialshe got huge armsNice to see how he changed from a skinny twig.E Anonymous 03/ ( Tue) 11 :34: 25 blo.