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GC: Comp of dankness 4

GC: Comp of dankness 4 and nothing of value was lost 18 hrs agoTrvor Noah the Daily Shoah 23 hrs agoExposing Child ISIS Propaganda Hoax 18 hrs agoRIP Illegals, liberals offended 21 hrs agoUNDENIABLE PROOF NOW BEND THE NEW MORTAL 22 hrs agoOPERATION SUBVERT SMERCONISH 20 hrs agoBATTLE FOR THE WALL: Trump vs.a Mexican 23 hrs agoObamacare May be Replaced with Medicare 18 hrs ago

GC: Comp of dankness 6

GC: Comp of dankness 6 Unexpected trash from the bushes 21 hrs agoAll these people know is hatred and contempt 22 hrs ago/pol/ack on race as a social construct 19 hrs agoa female human.humanetress 19 hrs agoFirefighter fights his ally to save pupper 22 hrs ago"Who Is The Spiciest Memelord" 23 hrs agoThat’s kind of an insensitive question 20 hrs agoWhen you have amazing situational awareness.

GC: Comp of dankness 10

GC: Comp of dankness 10 Girl comes over robot's house 03/23/2017anon performs home defense 23 hrs agoThe next step for (((Shia))) 03/23/20174chan describes England with one picture 23 hrs agoTron John Has Been Removed 23 hrs agoIT'S OFFICIAL: CRITICISM OF ISLAM NO LONGER LEGAL IN CANADA 18 hrs agoJonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee 21 hrs agoThick thighs to the rescue!18 hrs agoMy what a guy.